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Post: Manager - remote work

Required: One person only

Work: Recruit and manage field-staff who are to visit households in Kerala. The field-staff have to give a printed brochure to the householders.

There is no sale to be done or attempted.

A sample of the brochure is attached here. This will be redesigned appropriately.

This brochure is to induce the householders to visit this website for studying English. The English class is free.

There are two levels of English class:

One is for beginners. This is in English and Malayalam. And contains, text, audio and video files. It is very easy to study English.

The second is for persons who want to improve their English. This is a higher level. The accent is better here, and there is not much Malayalam in this location.

There is another location where computer-created audio is also used.

There are various other things also in this website, such as various famous digital books. Everything is free for the user.

The manager's job is to recruit field staff via various means.

The field-staff can expect to get around Rs. 30000 per month depending on their work.

The manager's remuneration will depend on the number of persons he or she will be able to recruit.

At the moment, the manager's job will be a commission-based contract work. There is a higher level of work for the manager. However, that will come around only after the website is properly known in Kerala.

There is only one manager required for the whole of Kerala. And the maximum field staff to be recruited will be around 100.

More information with regard to the work can be given only after a brief selection process is undergone.

The manager candidate should be good in English. And should know Malayalam.

Interested persons can send a message via Telegram or to



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