Refund policy

As all products sold on this site are of a digital nature. There shall be no refund on any such purchase.

At times, these products can have some defects including that of not opening in your device, spelling errors, missing pages, erroneous contents, wrong contents etc.

These errors might be minimal. However even if they are seen to be not minimal, no request for refund can be entertained.

In case you do not get the digital product access after the payment has been done successfully, you can contact us at

In the case of payments for the various form submissions, no refund can be given, whatsoever be the reason.

Furthermore it needs to be noted that the submitted information should be acceptable as per our Terms of service. If they do violate our Terms of service, the submissions shall not be published. In this case also, no refund can be made.

It may be noted that form submissions' charges will be of very small amounts, ranging from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 100/-.